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Alpha Sound & Lighting Co.'s selection of subwoofers is one reason why church musicians, worship leaders, and professionals come to us. We have subwoofers from great pro-audio companies like Alpha, Community, Electro-Voice and JBL.

Alpha Sound & Lighting Co.'s ARB-118-2 Subwoofer's feature high value and quality performance for subwoofer systems. Subwoofers are covered in black carpet with pocket handles, stackable interlocking corners, 16 gauge steel grill, dual 1/4” phone jack inputs as well as dual NL4MP's inputs and constructed of “no void”, dimensionally stable structurewood. A high strength polycarbonate stand cup mount, that mates with Ultimate Support speaker stands, is installed flush on the top of each subwoofer cabinet.


  • Subwoofer Size: 18” Front Loaded, VC: 4” 
  • Basket: Cast Frame Eminence 
  • Magnet Size: 109 ounces 
  • Horn: n/a • Power: 800 watts RMS, 1600 watts Program 
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms 
  • Frequency Response: 38 Hz - 2.5Khz 
  • Sensitivity: 101 dB 
  • Input Jacks: Dual 1/4” and Dual NL4MP’s 
  • Dimensions: H 26-1/4” x W 24” x D 20” 
  • Weight: 78 lbs

Community CPL Series Subwoofers... Engineered for high performance, whatever the installation! The CPL51 and CPL55 are versatile high-efficiency subwoofers designed for installation with smaller CPL full-range loudspeaker systems for extended deep bass output in smaller installations. The CPL51 and CPL55 have 150Hz high pass output filters that can be used to directly feed the XLT41E, CPL42, or CPL43 full range systems, thus requiring only one amplifier channel to power both systems. When used with a CPL43 or larger CPL full range system, a separate amplifier channel is recommended for each system. Five year limited warranties.


  • Applications include theaters, auditoriums, houses of worship, sport facilities, health clubs, and AV systems 
  • Available in black or white Tuf-Coat® finishes or unfinished exteriors 
  • CPL51 features 15'' Ferrofluid-cooled woofer 
  • CPL55 features Dual 15'' Ferrofluid-cooled woofers 
  • Three Ports for efficient bass output 
  • PowerSense DDP (Dynamic Driver Protection) 
  • Small profile trapezoidal enclosures for tight spaces 
  • Load-rated 3/8" rigging points 
  • No handles for clean appearance 
  • Barrier strip input on steel input panel

Electro-Voice's Sb121 Subwoofer is a compact, lightweight woofer system that is designed to add bass enhancement to EV Sx Series speaker systems. The Sb121 combines the advantages of a long-throw 12-inch woofer with a lightweight, yet strong polypropylene enclosure. The large vent centered on the top of the front helps the woofer move more air. The drivers magnetic structure is optimized to yield the best possible combination of performance and output capable in this enclosure size. Its Kevlar composite cone and special surround give it nearly 2 inches of total excursion capability.

The Sb121 should be used in conjunction with an active crossover with a minimum roll-off rate of 12-dB-per-octave to filter response above 200 Hz. The Sb121 can handle 300 Watts continuous, 1,200 Watts peak and can be safely used with amplifiers in that power range, as long as they are not driven to clipping. The Sb121’s parallel Neutrik Speakon connectors allow loss-free signal connection. The enclosure can be stacked, stand-mounted and safely suspended using a variety of flexible, inexpensive optional hanging kits. The Sb121 is a truly professional high performance subwoofer system.


  • Lightweight: weighs only 32 lbs and is very compact 
  • Very durable polymer enclosure can be safely suspended 
  • Integral handle makes lifting easy 
  • 300 Watt continuous, 1,200 Watt peak power handling 
  • Parallel Neutrik Speakon high current input connectors 
  • Cast frame EV Sb12 12-inch woofer with Kevlar reinforced cone

JBL Control Contractor Series SB-2 subwoofer provides low frequency reinforcement in subwoofer/satellite systems. The Control SB-2 is ideal for foreground music and music/paging systems in restaurants, retail establishments, theme bars, music cafes, health clubs, and other indoor applications.

The EONSUB G2 Series of subwoofers from JBL Professional is a perfect companion for either the EON10 G2 or EON15 G2 powered speaker. The EONSUB G2 offers powerful low frequencies in a compact, durable co-polymer enclosure. The JRX118S is an 18" compact direct-radiation subwoofer designed to supplement and extend low frequency performance of full-range systems in live sound and music playback applications.