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Mini Stage Pockets

Mini Stage Pockets

The Mini Stage Pocket is designed to be a compact solution for placing one or two connectors at just the right place on the stage.  The small footprint of the Mini Stage Pocket (4.75″ x 7″) allows for easy placement on steps or risers.  They are available in a black (025BK), brass* (025BR), or copper vein finish (025CV).

Each pocket houses two of the MP series panels on opposite sides of the pocket, for a total of up to four connectors in the pocket.  While 4 connectors can be installed in the pocket, usually only two connectors can be plugged in at a time (due to the size of most cable-end connectors). Cat5, Cat6, and RJ11 connections are an exception due to their smaller size.

Tip: Mini-pockets have two panels installed into them.  When ordering a panel with one or two connectors for one side, a blank MP-100 for the opposite side of the pocket is also needed.

STANDARD general use floor pockets feature welded heavy steel construction, choice of 2 decorator oven cured powder coat finishes (inside and outside), 2 lid choices, plus solid brass or stainless steel bezel, and a host of standard and custom AV and/or electric panels. All UL Listed except for Mini Pocket!

*Brass finishes are a special order item and have a 2-3 week lead time.