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Large Format Mixing Consoles

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Large Format Mixing Consoles

Alpha Sound & Lighting Co.'s selection of large format consoles is one reason why church musicians, worship leaders, and professionals come to us. We have large format consoles from great pro-audio companies like Allen & Heath, Mackie, Midas, and Soundcraft.

The ML4000 is the ideal all purpose solution for install, PA hire and touring applications, taking the medium sized live sound console that extra mile. This dual function console is equipped with 12 fully featured aux sends, VCA mixing, micro-processor controlled mute system and intelligent monitoring, plus a host of engineers favorite tools. PLUS MORE... Balanced XLR & Inserts, Intercom “ClearCom” compatible, Talkback to any 19 outputs, 3 XLR Lamp Sockets on rear of meterbridge, PSU high-performance, 2u power supply with built-in combiner for backup.


  • VCA Groups: 8 easy-to-edit VCA Groups w/ mute, PFL and AFL in-place monitoring 
  • Dual Functionality: Front of house or stage monitor mixing or both 
  • LCR plus Panning: Available from channels and groups 
  • Stereo Channels: 2 dual stereo channels fitted as standard 
  • 8 Audio Groups: With pre and post metering 
  • 12 Auxiliary Sends: On rotary or fader master controls depending on mode, plus in-ear monitoring capability using stereo pairs of aux sends 
  • 11 x 4 Matrix: Fed from the groups and LR & C 
  • 8 Mute Groups: Easy to edit, single key press mute group 
  • EQ: 4 band, 4 sweep with switched Q on midrange; swept 20-400Hz HPF 
  • Intelligent PAFL System: PFL or stereo AFL-in-place on input channels, mono/stereo mix AFL, all clear, auto cancel mode, PFL override AFL, AFL cancel PFL 
  • 128 Snapshot Memories: With show automation of VCAs and mute scenes (using PC running ML archive software) 
  • Engineers Toolbox: Phones, wedge and local monitor controls, pink noise and oscillator, extensive VU and LED metering, 2TRK, LR & C monitor selection w/ mono check 
  • Configuration Options: Internal jumper options to configure pre-fade auxes, direct output and 2-trk source (refer to block diagram)