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Intercom Packages


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Intercom Packages

The Economy Intercom System Package consists of the system Interface with a power adapter and 2-to-4 headset/belt pack station. This system offers simplicity and utility at an affordable price. Expandable up to 10 total stations. The system Interface is compatible with other popular intercom systems. Use standard microphone cables to interconnect modules. pro-audio stage lighting video projection.


  • PS-4 Intercom System Interface provides precise voltage regulation 
  • Smooth elimination of the DC current (AC hum elimination) 
  • Automatic overload/short-circuit protection 
  • Necessary termination network for the intercom circuit 
  • LED indicator notes when 24VDC is being delivered 
  • (3) paralled XLR jacks for connection of headset stations or strings of stations in party-line configuration