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Head-worn Microphones


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Head-worn Microphones

Alpha Sound & Lighting Co.'s selection of headworn microphones is one reason why church musicians, worship leaders, and professionals come to us. We have headworn microphones from great pro-audio companies like Audio Technica, Countryman, and Shure.

Countryman's Headworn Microphones are perfect for stage or church applications. The Countryman headworn mics are the answer when you need the highest possible sound quality without the bulk and appearance of conventional headsets. Light and springy, Countryman E6i headworn mics clip around your ear and never interfere with your hairstyle, headphones or hat.

Available in four colors, Light Beige, Tan, Cocoa, and Black to blend with the user's appearance. The E6i headworn mic is supplied with your choice of cables that attach to the EarSet with a snap-on connector. A wide variety of connectors can be attached to the E6i headworn mics, making them instantly compatible with your favorite wireless system!


  • Truly revolutionary combination of beautiful form and outstanding sound 
  • Unobtrusive - By far the smallest, lightest, and least visible headworn mic 
  • Conveniently Designed - Clips directly to your ear with no headbands
  • Wide Band Frequency Response - Wide 50Hz to 20kHz response of a world class vocal mic 
  • Versatile - Available for use with most wireless mic transmitter systems 
  • Hardwired version also available 
  • Moisture Resistant - Resistant to sweat and moisture on stage 
  • Available - Comes in Black, Cocoa, Light Biege, and Tan

Audio-Technica's Headworn Microphones are compact in size, with some capsules the diameter of 2.5 mm. Audio-Technica's headworn microphones hook behind either ear for a secure, comfortable fit. Many of the headworn mics are ideal for drummers, keyboard players, exercise trainers, or anyone requiring hands-free operation. These headworn microphones offer highly intelligible individual voice reproduction with comfortable, lightweight designs.


  • Designed comfortably with unobtrusive headband design and side-of-mouth pickup 
  • Delivers professional-quality vocal pickup with hands-free operation 
  • Belt-mounted power modules operate on battery or phantom power 
  • Pivot-mounted flexible mic booms descend from either left or right side 
  • Operates on battery or phantom power

Shure's Headworn microphones provide uncompromised sound quality and reliability with minimal visibility in applications such as broadcast, houses of worship, theater, and touring. Despite their small size, the headworn microphone elements deliver full, clear, and natural reproduction of speech and vocals. The headworn microphones feature durable, low-profile wire frame headbands which are fully adjustable for stability and comfort.


  • Polar patterns provide maximum gain-before-feedback and ambient rejection 
  • Extended frequency response tailored for vocal performances 
  • Able to handle extremely high sound pressure levels (SPL) 
  • Snap-fit foam windscreens stay in place during intensive movement 
  • Lightweight wireframe and headband adjust for a secure, comfortable fit 
  • Extra-strong, small-diameter attached microphone cable resists breakage 
  • Collapsible microphone boom for easy storage and transportation 
  • Smooth, natural frequency response 
  • High input clipping level eliminates overload distortion 
  • Reliable at temperature and humidity extremes