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Half Stage Pockets

Half Stage Pockets

The Half Stage Pocket has a 6.75" x 10.5" footprint and is designed to house up to 6 connectors at a vertical slant.   Any of the PNL-100 or PSW-100 series panels can be housed in a Half Stage Pocket, or for installations with electrical requirements a PE electrical plate can be used.  Half Stage Pockets are available with either a standard or recessed carpet lid in four different finish options: black (123SLBK and 123CLBK), copper vein (123SLCV and 123CLCV), brass* (223SLBR and 223CLBR), or stainless steel* (323SLSS and 323CLSS).

STANDARD general use floor pockets feature welded heavy steel construction, choice of 2 decorator oven cured powder coat finishes (inside and outside), 2 lid choices, plus solid brass or stainless steel bezel, and a host of standard and custom AV and/or electric panels. All UL Listed except for Mini Pocket!

*Brass and stainless steel finishes are a special order item and have a 2-3 week lead time.