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Alpha Sound & Lighting Co.'s selection of fresnel lighting fixtures is one reason why church musicians, worship leaders, and professionals come to us. We have fresnel lighting fixtures from great stage lighting companies like L&E.

The Fresnel is a high efficiency small spotlight which produces controllable illumination adjustable for medium spot to full flood. Particularly useful for over the procenium arch, side, back and general stage wash. The Fresnel yields an even field of light with a soft edge. The lamp is adjustable with reference to the reflector to set spot and flood modes. The fixture is well vented for use with high output quartz lamps. The 6” Fresnel Spotlight is rated for 500-750 watt quartz lamps. The #60-06 6" Fresnel includes a 30" hi-temperature cord set (3 wire leads with bare end - no plug) and color gel frame.


  • Constructed of 20 gauge welded steel 
  • Color frame holder made of bent steel 
  • All ventilating holes are baffled to minimize light leaks 
  • Socket carrier adjusts from spot focus to flood focus w/ adjustable locking thumb screw 
  • Easy relamping at front of unit without disturbing the prefocused lamp setting 
  • Supplied with a color frame, rigid strap yoke, and a three foot three wire lead encased in a black fiberglass sleeve 
  • All surfaces are finished with baked enamel