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Alpha Sound & Lighting Co.'s selection of ellipsoidal lighting fixtures is one reason why church musicians, worship leaders, and professionals come to us. We have ellipsoidal lighting fixtures from great stage lighting companies like L&E and Leviton-NSI.

The Axial Quartz Ellipsoidal Spotlight produces a highly concentrated but controllable light beam. Designed for use with high output quartz lamps the ellipsoidal produces a sharp edged light beam through a 2-lens system (single lens for #AQ61-22) with adjustable focus length. Slide shutters permit beam shaping and an optional stencil holder provides for use of pre-cut stencils. The light circle is adjustable in spread from a narrow beam angle to a wide field angle. Used primarily for spotting and longer throws (cross stage, from the balcony rail) the ellipsoidal is a very useful high control fixture. SUPPLIED with mounting bail, 30” high temperature cord set and gel frame (no plug).

For applications requiring the manual control of a light beam to follow a performer combined with varying beam size and color changing, Times Square Follow Spotlights are the real deal. With the manual control knobs located at the rear of the fixtures, the beam can be adjusted for hard or soft edged focusing as well as from spot to flood. The beam may also be framed off at the top and bottom by using the integral framing shutters. One of the main features of the Times Square Follow Spotlight QF1000 is an internal lamp booster that intensifies the light output of the quartz lamp.

The Fresnel is a high efficiency small spotlight which produces controllable illumination adjustable for medium spot to full flood. Particularly useful for over the procenium arch, side, back and general stage wash. The Fresnel yields an even field of light with a soft edge. The lamp is adjustable with reference to the reflector to set spot and flood modes. The fixture is well vented for use with high output quartz lamps. The 6” Fresnel Spotlight is rated for 500-750 watt quartz lamps. The #60-06 6" Fresnel includes a 30" hi-temperature cord set (3 wire leads with bare end - no plug) and color gel frame.

The PAR Light Fixture provides economy and efficiency for general flood lighting requirements and for these reasons it is the most used fixture on stages today. The Parlux lamp is a sealed beam unit, pre-focused for narrow, medium or wide spreads. The deluxe steel 56 and 64 cans feature a rating of 500 watts (PAR 56) and 1000 watts (PAR 64), fabricated from heavy steel or aluminum, heavy duty hinges and latches, “U” mounting bail, gel frame, ceramic mogul plug socket, shatter screen and high temperature cord set (plug not included).