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Alpha Sound & Lighting Co.'s selection of ellipsoidal lighting fixtures is one reason why church musicians, worship leaders, and professionals come to us. We have ellipsoidal lighting fixtures from great stage lighting companies like L&E and Leviton-NSI.

The Axial Quartz Ellipsoidal Spotlight produces a highly concentrated but controllable light beam. Designed for use with high output quartz lamps the ellipsoidal produces a sharp edged light beam through a 2-lens system (single lens for #AQ61-22) with adjustable focus length. Slide shutters permit beam shaping and an optional stencil holder provides for use of pre-cut stencils. The light circle is adjustable in spread from a narrow beam angle to a wide field angle. Used primarily for spotting and longer throws (cross stage, from the balcony rail) the ellipsoidal is a very useful high control fixture. SUPPLIED with mounting bail, 30” high temperature cord set and gel frame (no plug).


  • Constructed of an all welded steel body with cast aluminum lamp housing and cap 
  • (4) Stainless steel shutters and a template slot mounted within the body 
  • Lenses are heat resistant borosilicate glass mounted in an adjustable lens holder 
  • Lens holder is equipped with steel color frame holders on the sides and bottom 
  • Ellipsoidal fixtures can be converted to any other configuration 
  • Locking thumb screw allows access to interior of the reflector housing and shutter 
  • Relamping at rear of the unit, without disturbing the prefocused alignment 
  • Lamp focusing available by adjusting 4 focusing screws on the axial cap 
  • Ellipsoidal supplied with rigid strap yoke, color frame, and a three foot three wire lead in a black fiberglass sleeve 
  • Finished with black baked enamel

Leviton's Enhanced Optics ellipsoidal spotlight breaks through the barriers and pitfalls commonly associated with new generation ellipsoidal reflector spotlights. LEO offers exceptional performance with a highly engineered optical system resulting in increased efficiency and more light where you need it - on the talent. LEO is by far the most versatile ellipsoidal spotlight on the market, working well with any of the recommended lamps at any published field angle in both a text book peak and cosine focus LEO features outstanding soft focus capability - allowing peak focus, appropriate beam uniformity, and a consistent falloff at the edge for both single-fixture and multi-fixture/zone overlap applications Additionally, the LEO features an industry exclusive repositionable lens, enabling the user to change field angles, in the field, in the same barrel.


  • 15, 19, 26, 36, and 50 degree Field Angles 
  • Continuous Body and Barrel on Axis Rotation (greater than 360 degrees) 
  • Up to 750w Lamp 
  • 115-240v 
  • Cosin (Flat) and Peak Focus with all recommended Lamps and Beam Angles 
  • 30 Second Lamp Replacement 
  • Field Adjustable Lenses to Change Field Angle 
  • Cool Grip Handles for all Common Adjustments