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Automatic Microphone Mixer

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Automatic Microphone Mixer

The AT-MX341a is a Automatic Microphone Mixer that will control 4 microphones (dynamics or 12v phantom powered condensers). By sensing each microphones status it digitally switches each on or off silently. Several units may be daisy-chained for more mic inputs. Use the AT-MX341a for a basic lectern, pulpit, altar and wireless lapel set up. Or, we like to use it as the default mixer in an large complicated systems to provide unmanned system operation for weddings, small meetings, funeral services . . .anytime a qualified sound operator isn't available.


  • Four Mic/Line inputs with individual priority pre-select switch for each channel 
  • Balanced inputs and output are individually switchable between mic and line-level 
  • Single threshold setting for all channels 
  • Individual gain controls for each channel
  • Switchable manual mode overrides automatic functions 
  • Master output level control 
  • TTL logic output signals available to control speaker or camera switching, tally lights, etc. 
  • 12V phantom power individually selectable for each channel 
  • Off attenuation for each input adjustable to -20 dB 
  • Output level meter with Peak and RMS modes 
  • Mounts in a single 19" half-rack space 
  • Includes rack mount adapters