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ALPHA ABCPKG1 ACE Backstage Co. Inc. Full Pocket Installation Package

ALPHA ABCPKG1 ACE Backstage Co. Inc. Full Pocket Installation Package

ALPHA ABCPKG1 ACE Backstage Co. Inc. Full Pocket Installation Package
Model #: ABCPKG1A
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Product Description

The ABCPKG1A makes installing a single-gang electrical duplex and 6 XLR connectors into your stage quick and easy. The Ace Backstage Co. stage pockets coupled with the “Connectrix” system of connectors allow you to customize your installation to fit your needs.


(1) 122SLBK Full Size Black Stage Pocket - Standard Lid or (1) 122CLBK Full Size Black Stage Pocket - Carpet Lid
(1) PE Single Gang Electric Duplex Switch Box Panel
(1) PNL-106 Stage Pocket Panel machined for 6 CONNECTRIX Mounts
(6) C-15100 Neutrik 3-Pin Nylon XLR-Female Connectors

If this isn't the configuration you need, take a look at the many pockets, panels, and connectors available from ACE Backstage Co. on our website.  If you have any questions on setting up the right configuration for your stage call us at (800) 523-8195.

Ace Backstage Co. Inc.'s large-sized Stage Pocket, the Full Stage Pocket, is a standard general use vertical slant panel flush stage pocket. The Full Stage Pocket is made of heavy duty steel and is used to conceal the audio connections and the electric AC power below the floor surface for easy access and to prevent connector damage.

All ACE Full Stage Pockets are welded steel construction, with a 1/8" (nominally 11 ga. (.120")) thick CRS steel Lid and Mounting Flange and a 16 ga. (.062") thick Pocket Body. The Full Stage Pocket resists bending under even the most severe stage loads.

 A generous cable way slot of 3/8" x 8" permits easy cable exit from the stage pocket, even for large gauge cables. A cableway slot closure channel closes the slot when not in use. The Full Stage Pocket has an easy installation into 8.5" x 8.5" cutout in the stage floor. Open easy access from top or back of the Full Stage Pocket to connector panels makes for easy installation.

A scratch/wear resistant finish, oven cured powder coat is electro-staticly applied inside and outside the entire Stage Pocket. The Full Stage Pocket's solid rubber Lid Stops cradle the lid to prevent lid rattle.

The Stage Pocket can be installed in many different applications. These applications include educational, institutional, and liturgical settings.


Standard 110VAC connections in ACE pockets is easy using compliant switch boxes and panel assemblies. The #PE (single gang box and panel) provides for one duplex outlet. This item is UL listed in conjunction with UL listed ACE pockets. When properly installed with isolating AC wiring conduit, combining low voltage connections in the same pocket should not be an issue. Consult your local building codes for any specific application. Each assembly is complete with single duplex, a black powder-coated steel mounting plate, and a narrow aluminum and/or steel black powder-coated cover plate with mounting screws. Using the Electric Pocket Panel it is possible to mount a one gang Edison Duplex Outlet and switchbox within the ACE Stage Pocket.

The Electric Pocket Mounting Panel is created from high strength, tough, steel that is 1/16" (.062") thick. The panel mounts with (4) self-tapping screws and is fabricated to precisely mate within the pocket mounting holes. The Standard Electric Pocket Panel is finished with oven cured semi-gloss black powder coat. ACE electric pocket panels are flat, strong, rigid and provide for quick mounting and wiring of standard 110VAC connections.

The “CONNECTRIX” System expands connectivity possibilities utilizing a unique panel cutout detail and an array of standard and new isolated connectors. This system provides more connectors and mounting options in stock ACE panels. The benefit is fast order turn around and lower cost than a custom punched panel. The look of custom fabricated panels with off-the-shelf stock prices and immediate delivery. The “CONNECTRIX” Pocket Panels are flat and strong. The Panels are made from high strength aluminum alloy (6061-T6) that is .062” thick.

The panel is preloaded with (6)“CONNECTRIX” connectors  using black, aluminum pop rivets.

The panel mounts with (4) self-tapping screws. Each panel is CNC machined to precisely mate with the designated connectors and in the pocket mounting holes. Each Standard "CONNECTRIX" Panel is finished with oven cured semi-gloss black powder coat.

ACE standard panels are flat, strong, and rigid like the typical thinner mild steel panels. Because the panels are machined and not punched they stay flat and undistorted unlike punched panels which distort in the punching process.

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