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ACE Backstage Co. SOFTPOD Microphone Softpod

ACE Backstage Co. SOFTPOD Microphone Softpod

ACE Backstage Co. SOFTPOD Microphone Softpod
Model #: SOFTPOD
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4.5 out of 5   2 Reviews
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Product Description

The Microphone Softpod is another great idea put into action by Ace Backstage Co., Inc. This simple yet sturdy device was designed to thread on any standard microphone stand and redesigned to hold up to 6 wired or wireless microphones securely. The Microphone Softpod is easy to use and lightweight, which makes it portable and efficient. The Soft foam isolates and cushions microphones from each other and minimizes noise when placing or removing microphones. The sturdy black metal base threads directly onto any standard microphone stand. The Microphone Softpod's small footprint and light weight design make it great for small locations and portable systems. The Microphone Softpod holds up to (6) wired or wireless standard ball-type microphones securely and mounts on most standard microphone stands.

• Flexible Applications: Microphone Softpod applications include performances, events, productions etc.
• Flexible Mounting: Microphone Softpod will mount on most standard microphone stands
• Easy Setup: Quick and easy set-up and take-down of threaded microphone softpod
• High Capacity/Small Footprint: 6 Mic capacity means it will work in multiple mic applications and still be unobtrusive
• Durable Construction: Steel, 16 gauge (.062" thick)


  Product Height:   6-29/32"
  Product Width:   7-55/64"
  Product Depth:   1-3/8"
  Product Weight:   3 lbs
  Product Finish:   Durable oven-cured semi-gloss black powder coat
  Base Material:   Made from high strength steel, 16 gauge
  Foam Material:    
  Color:   Charcoal grey/black
  Weight:   1.8 lb. per cubic ft.
  Longevity:   Approximately 6 years
  Density (lbs/cubic foot):   1.75 - 1.85 lbs
  IFD (Indentation Force Deflection 25%):   85 - 95
  Cell Count/Linear Inch:   38 ±5
  Elongation (%):   207%
  Tear Strength (lbs/inch):   220
  Clickable:   Yes
  Ball Rebound (%):   27 ±6
  Flammability Rating :   n/a
  APPLICATIONS   Any location requiring multiple performers, quick portable setups, or multiple wired or wireless handheld mics
  CAPACTIY:   Holds up to 6 wired or wireless microphones securely
  WARRANTY:   Warranty Terms - Parts 1 year limited / Labor 1 year limited
  DOWNLOADS:   SOFTPOD Spec Sheet - pdf 1.44 M


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Product rating

4.5 out of 5   2 Reviews
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